Alright, here we go. These first posts are always the most difficult to write, in my opinion, because you're never too sure if what you're saying actually makes sense to anyone else. The aimlessness of this post isn't really helping either. I'm hoping to be inspired subliminally by playing Selena Gomez's smash blockbuster "Monte Carlo" quietly in the background. Oof. I'm also hoping this whole talking-what-you're-typing thing will help the words fly out of my fingertips but now that I'm about 3 sentences in I'm realizing that it only works if you are doing a voiceover or if you're Carrie Bradshaw. And kids, I am Carrie Bradshaw....'s lesser known asian friend.
I guess I'll start this with a little introduction. Welcome to this blog, miscpixels, aka miscellaneous pixels, aka I know not-really-big-but-still-kind-of-big words and I'm a little bit of a computer d-bag... blog. Yeah. Currently in my first year of college, and I'm finding venting a little harder to do everyday. Who knew your friends were only listening to you because they were stuck with your for a 45 minute lunch break all these years? (Just kidding lunch pals, ya'll were the knees of bees.) But seriously, I can't depend on the 10-minute-long locker wait before class conversations anymore. Everyone's on the move, and frankly, I am way to lazy to keep up. And since I got an A in logic and B in math, I know that lazy + very lazy = computer... things.
I guess I do sort of have an idea of where I want this blog to go... but I'm also all about goin' with the flow so we shall see. (Does anyone else think the word "shall" is really douchey or am i being ignorant? No really, say shall and its like... InstaDouche. Anyways.) I think... I'm gonna post about college... clothes... comedy... and other C things. C what I did there? (Booo.)
Thanks for reading this far, no life weirdo. Really though, are you obsessed with me?
I hope this blog is still going in like.. 2 months. Okay, I'll give myself a month. If I'm still going, we'll throw a party. Ok? Awesome. Cool. #Turnip.
To be honest, I'm not quite sure what I'm doing and I'm a little confused right now. (Side note: I hate when people ask why you're confused. Like if I knew, and could tell you, wouldn't I not be confused anymore... and not have said anything to begin with. You get what I mean right? You get what I mean. You get it.)
 Well, I guess that's it? Hmm.. have a splendid day... friends.. old and new. (Second side note: Have ya'll seen 12 Years A Slave yet? I know.. I KNOW. Team Lupita amirit?) (I'm sorry. I'm just gonna- ok)

Holla for your dolla, friends.