I said 2 months didn't I? Man, oh man, can I stick to deadlines. Well, whenever I'm in awkward situations like this I try to quickly divert the attention away from what I did (or in this case didn't) do. So0o0o, here are my favorite tracks of the moment. Oh by the way, I've realized the full potential of Spotify. Um. My life has changed.

Songs I've been listening to on repeat during the month May of 2014:
1. "In/Out - Baardsen Remix" Dan Croll
2. "Stay High - Habits Remix" Tove Lo
3. "Get Free" Major Lazer feat. Amber Coffman 

Albums I've been listening to on repeat during the year of 2014:
4. Acid Rap - Chance the Rapper
favorite tracks: Good Ass Intro, Paranoia, Interlude (That's Love), Lost
5. Pure Heroin - Lorde
favorite tracks: 400 Lux, Still Sane, Buzzcut Season
(give it a chance if all you've ever heard was Royals)
6. Days Are Gone - HAIM
favorite tracks: Let Me Go, My Song 5, The Wire

See you in a few more days or weeks or years. I don't know.